Formed in 1993, The Hogs played music by bands such as The Stray Cats, The Doors, The Rolling Sones, The Buzzcocks, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, Sex Pistols, Paul Wellar, Dr.Feelgood, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Slade, Bad Company, The Faces and such like. The Hogs have had a few line-up changes before arriving at what must be the most sucessful yet. Original members Neil & Nick were originaly joined by their long time mate Justin Peck on the bass, Steve Johnson on vocals ( and pear! ) and drummer Mark Smith. This line-up recorded a four-track demo cassette at Purple Studio's in Trowse, near Norwich. The band had a blast staying over at the studio for the weekend and were joined by their ever faithful roadie Karl Rushmore. Marks last gig in december 1999 at the Milestone Beerhouse in Ipswich was recorded by Tom Edwards but never made public release. Following Marks departure from the band at the end of 1999 The Hogs then had Ian Holden from colchester taking up position on the drum stall, the first gig with Ian being at The Steamboat Tavern in Ipswich in february 2000, when the band started to take a turn towards more 'classic rock' in their sets, Status Quo, Queen, Thin Lizzy etc...It wasn't long though before The Hogs started to add songs by the likes of Madness, The Levellers, The Police, The Foo Fighters, 3 Colours Red, The Pretenders etc to broaden their reportoire even wider. Next to leave the band was Steve who was replaced by Simon Hedgecock on vocals and then at the start of 2002 Justin left the ranks and The Hogs recruited another old collaberate, Darren Pratt on Bass. This line-up recorded a four-track cd at Early Bird Studios in Ramsey, Essex ( entitled 'le grande fromage ep' ) followed by a further six-tracks at the Blue Room Studio, nr Diss. The ten-tracks were put onto one cd and released as 'only mondeo man can save us now !' and Stephen Foster of BBC Radio Suffolk played the last track ' Lazy Sunday Afternoon' on his drivetime show. The song featured Neil not only on guitar, but also on keyboard ! Ian left due to family commitments in 2006 and drummer, and another good mate of Neil and Nicks was recruited for the position, Tony Wright. Tony was no stranger to The Hogs as he'd previously helped them out with the drumming duties on numerous occasions, the most memorable gig being at The Manor Ballroom in Ipswich, playing support to Ipswich bluesers 'The Shaboogamoo Shufflers' in January 2000. This set was recorded and is a great reminder of what The Hogs have always been about. Simon and Darren left in march 2007 and The Hogs asked local bass player Mark Trench to join. Mark joined and quickly learnt the sets and The Hogs began the search for a singer with the right attitude and ability to join Ipswich's premier rock and roll band. During this period, The Hogs were helped out by well known Ipswich vocalist Mark Reeves. As if by luck in october 2007, after numerous jokers auditioning for the band, Rob Lewis heard of the vacant Vocalist position and made contact with the band to offer his services.  Rob is a versitile vocalist who also plays acoustic guitar, thus opening up many new avenues for the band to explore. This line-up, constant since october 2007, of neil - guitar, vocals,mandolin,harp, Rob - lead vocals, guitar, trench - bass and backing vocals, nick - guitar and tony- drums, have played bike rallies, weddings, birthday parties and pubs, charity events and social clubs all over east anglia and twice at the Healing Music Festival in Lincolnshire - Tony's old stomping ground.  The Hogs offer no-nonsense rock n roll and are always up for a laugh , check out  for gigs / tunes etc.  Like us at   Cheers !