Now then, along the way in this crazee world of rock 'n' roll we've had the pleasure of meeting some of the craziest and most genuine people in the biz... we've also met Del Snowden who still owe's the Hogs £50 from around  the Hogs 1995 era ! We've made some great friends and had a blast along the way.... In no particular order we'd like to raise a glass and say thanks to everyone - at least everyone we can remember that is ! - so here goes.... Steve Johnson, Justin & Kate Peck, Mark Smith, Karl Rushmore, Ian & Kim Holden, Darren & Tracey Pratt, Simon & Julia Hedgecock, Mark Reeves, Matt & Louise White, 'Titian' Tim & Andrea Turner, Martin 'Malcolm' & Kate Woollard, 'Titian' Todd Manning & Lucy, George Fothergill, Dave Bynoe, Toni and Tina Vines, Stephen Foster, Dave Butcher at BBC Radio Suffolk, Val Bint ( give us a 'V' ! ) ,  Zippy Nicholson, Johnny and Jane Skelt, Dave Livermore, Aubrey Norris ! , Trevor ( the pirate of Penzance ! ) & Lizzie Noye, Robs brother Ivan, Orwell Motorcycles Ipswich, Dave & Gloria ( formally of the Tattingstone Wheatsheaf ), Pete Edge ( for the gig in Wood Green ), Swagger, Mark 'the harp' Sharpe, The Shaboogamoo Shufflers, The Marques Brothers, The Mean Red Spiders, Booze and Blooze, Fergie Fulton, Luke Arnold, The Grapevine, Ben Keeble, Roger & Teresa Mackay, Fatty Watts, Fred Smith, Paul Smith, Darren Elden, Paul Glazebrook, The Camelfoot Raiders, We are the Robots, Chris (r.i.p) and Joyce Watson ( formally of The Railway, Ipswich ), Phil and Michelle Taft ( formally of the Milestone Beerhouse, Ipswich - then at the Railway, Ipswich ! ), Nolan Wiltz,Tim Smith, Tim Ainslie, Giles King, Den Dennis, Alu (r.i.p) and Gabbie Mingers, Claus for the burgers in Germany !, Keith Burroughs, Henry Murphy Photography, Tony Shevlin, Lovejunk, Rizla, Manna's cafe, rendezvous cafe, Spider Webb, Webby the drum doctor, Ade Smith and Karen Beaumont ( formally of the Mulberry Tree/Milestone Beerhouse, Ipswich - now at the Dove Street Inn, Ipswich - a real pub for real people ), Paul and Michelle at The Plough pub in Ipswich, Sheryl & Danny at The Spread Eagle pub in Ipswich, Evie Tooke, The Highway Hunters mcc, Black Shuck mcc, The Gordon Bennet Band, Elmey Cycles Ipswich ( ask Nick or Neil about this one !!! ), Diff, Michelle Carnduff and Dave Scotcher at Studlands Park s.s.c, Colin Grigson, Shag and Shattered, Mama Kin / Stonefish, Dave and Anne Kindred,  Mystic Mike, Roy Little, Bernie Southgate (R.I.P) and dried pea !, Nicky Wright and The Royal British Legion Club of Healing Lincolnshire, Diff & Ken Dodds Dads dog, Izzy ? no - Ozzy, Newcastle Brown Ale, Blue Beer ( ask Rob ! ), Nicky Clarke ( ask Trench ! ), Purple Studios in trowse near Norwich, Pete at Early Bird Studios in Ramsey Essex, The Blue Room studio near Diss, Suffolk Buggrs ( vw owners club of suffolk ), Ipswich 24 mag, Shut up Shirley - Paul Ade Martin Trev & Tel, 3rd Time Lucky, 34 Cars, Dan Russell ( hands at work charity gigs were a blast ! ), Colchester M.A.G, Mark Marsh & Jester, Smithfield, Slade, Town 102, BBC Radio Suffolk, The Grimsby Telegraph, The East Anglian Daily Times Ipswich, Andy and Kerry formally of the Royal Oak Ipswich, All the guys at The Royal Oak Ipswich, The Young Ones, Mickey Jupp, Vim Feueago, Gibson, Fender, Marshall, Trace Elliot, Peavey, Celestion, Carlsbro, Sonor, Epiphone, Rowan Atkinson for 'a cluster of colour-blind a bag' quote !, Angry Beaver, Leyla Edwards, Manf and The saxmundham White Hart way back in 1999, Kudos, Johnny Rotten, Lee Oskar, Lee Rose, Dangerous Dave, Sideshow Stu. Emmas Florist, Johnson's Mini Mart cliff lane Ipswich, Jaz at the Pickerel  Stowmarket, Tori and the team at The George Hadleigh, The Blarney Rovers, Neil "LARGE !" Barker, Danny Soal (Wolf)  AND last but definatly not least our wives/gilfriends/families/kids - you keep us sane !!! - well, kind of !!!........ more to be added as we remember...!!! Cheers !